Boost MBS Investment and Trading Performance

Powered by deep learning technology, Infima’s mortgage analytics solution delivers unprecedented accuracy in predicting borrower, security and market behavior.

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The Infima Advantage

Volatile environments call for robust prepayment analytics for Agency MBS portfolio construction, security selection and risk management. Market participants in buy- and sell-side front-office roles including portfolio managers, traders, and analysts need reliable prepayment projections and high-quality return/risk analytics that seamlessly integrate with their existing workflows and infrastructure.

Reliable CPRs

Harnessing data of unprecedented size and granularity, Infima’s CPR projections set new performance standards in the Agency MBS market, delivering a dramatically improved understanding of future borrower, security and market behavior.

Powerful Analytics

Advanced analytics provide deep and comprehensive insight into the risk/return profiles of individual securities and market segments, and enable users to make high-confidence investment and trading decisions in all market environments.

Flexible Solutions

Innovative analysis tools support a range of workflows and use cases, converting CPRs, analytics and market data into decision recommendations, improving operational efficiency.

Modern Applications

Low latency, intuitive and easy-to-use applications provide a new user experience.

MBS Analytics 2.0

Improving your research, investment and trading outcomes with state-of-the-art technology.

Portfolio Management

Boost returns through superior pool selection, portfolio construction and risk management; lower operational risk through model redundancy.


Increase trading profits by developing accurate valuations and identifying mispriced pools.


Stay ahead of the competition: Develop compelling sales narratives through better analysis tools.


Develop compelling investment themes: Understand historical speed trends, project future speeds under alternative rate scenarios and identify attractive market segments.

Introducing Infima Platform

Our transformative deep learning systems offer unprecedented predictive accuracy to support investment and trading decisions with high confidence. Our breakthrough computational algorithms provide unmatched application speed, enabling faster decision-making.

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