Infima Platform

Use our web-based application to conveniently access prepayment analytics and advanced analytical tools.

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A Comprehensive Perspective

Evaluate and compare pools: understand not only historical prepayment trends but also forward-looking prepayment behavior. Identify attractive cohorts and pools given a customized set of criteria.

Sophisticated Queries

Query pools using multiple criteria such as cohort association, stip, servicer, state, realized CPRs, predicted CPR levels and changes, and many more. Sort query results by attribute and export into Excel for further analysis. Save queries for quick access or to create custom dashboards.

Market Map

Compare coupon-vintage cohorts. Contrast cohorts using standard attributes as well as historical and predicted CPRs. Identify attractive market segments.

Speeders and Breakers

Identify the coupon-vintage and story cohorts that are expected to speed up and slow down over the next several months.