Accelerate from data to decisions

Borrower behavior can make or break an MBS portfolio. Market participants who can accurately predict how quickly borrowers will prepay stand to gain a performance advantage. Firms have invested heavily in technology that is supposed to give them that edge. Unfortunately, those solutions are outdated, cumbersome and, above all, unreliable – especially in volatile periods.

Infima is changing the landscape. Powered by advanced deep learning AI technology, our MBS analytics solution delivers unmatched accuracy in predicting future borrower behavior, leading to sharper decisions, lower risk and stronger performance.

Infima’s solution has proven to deliver a dramatic improvement in predictive accuracy and exponentially faster results compared to existing systems on the market, dramatically accelerating the process from data to real-time decision making. What’s more, our advanced analytics deliver actionable recommendations for security selection, enabling portfolio managers to make investment decisions with the utmost confidence.