Advancing the science of predicting mortgage borrower behavior

Infima’s technology represents the first real innovation in fixed-income analytics in more than two decades – a radical advancement in the science of predicting borrower behavior.

The result of more than five years’ research and development at Stanford University’s Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory, the solution leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies for unmatched predictive accuracy and speed compared to existing solutions. Our powerful analytic models rapidly analyze granular, monthly performance data on over 60 million Agency mortgages dating back to 2000.

Infima is led by a team of financial technology innovators with deep experience in quantitative investment analytics and a track record of successfully commercializing university-caliber innovations. As an independent early-stage company backed by leading venture firms and financial institutions, Infima is unconstrained by legacy technologies and processes, free to innovate and positioned to leapfrog the fixed-income analytics market. Firms that engage with Infima will have a first-mover advantage, acquiring must-have predictive power to drive superior performance.