Infima Enters 2023 with Comprehensive Agency MBS Coverage for Ginnie Mae, Expanded Team, and Growing Client Demand

SAN MATEO, CA (ACCESSWIRE) --Infima Technologies, a deep-learning, predictive mortgage analytics company, enters 2023 with comprehensive agency mortgage-backed security (MBS) coverage. Adding Ginnie Mae’s Levels 1 and 2 to Infima's advanced prepayment projections and analytics has expanded coverage to 525,000 mortgage securities, backed by roughly 35 million mortgage loans valued at nearly $11 trillion.

This is the latest success in a series of advancements for the Infima team and the company’s platform and API products. In October 2022, Infima released its advanced predictive analytics platform for agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS). The platform enables mortgage market participants, like portfolio managers and traders, to make high-confidence investment, trading and risk management decisions in all market conditions, including the disruptive pandemic and the dramatic rise of interest rates witnessed in 2022. The company also announced a partnership with Numerix, an industry leader in analytics and workflow solutions in the front-to-risk market. 

The company sees exciting prospect momentum with a number of Tier 1 clients coming on board and a long list of prospects validating the solutions.

Over the past year, Infima has grown impressively and plans to add to its team of engineers and sales personnel, and it is primed to continue its momentum into 2023. In August, Infima announced a $5 million seed funding round led by AI-focused Radical Ventures, with additional investment from Franklin Templeton and ThirdStream Partners. The company also announced the appointment of fintech veteran Hendrik Bartel as Chief Executive Officer.

Recently it announced the appointment of industry veteran Anne Acosta as Vice President and Head of Marketing and Product Marketing. Acosta was the latest in a series of key hires, following the appointments of Michael Digris as Vice President and Head of Product and Derk Osenberg as Vice President of Sales. Infima has also been focused on product development, launching an API and OAS+ products and developing an enhanced Microsoft Excel add-in, now released on the Microsoft AppSource directory. 

“2022 was a momentous year for Infima, and we’re delighted to see what the next period of growth does for our company and data,” said Hendrik Bartel, Chief Executive Officer of Infima. “We have a great team in place and are thrilled to now offer comprehensive coverage for Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We’re continuing to prioritize our innovation and data, which will always be at Infima’s core, and hope to expand even further over the next year.”

Additionally, Infima has won its biggest deal to date with one of the top five largest US banks (in assets) due to the accuracy of our MBS mortgage analytics data, the time savings from our easy-to-use platform and API, and the potential to build structured products. 

Based in San Mateo, California, Infima recently opened a second office in New York City to accommodate new hires and the expanding client base after the announcement of its borrower behavior prediction capabilities in its solution suite.

About Infima

Infima’s unique deep learning technologies are transforming mortgage security analytics. Its solutions offer actionable predictive insights into future borrower, security, and market behavior, enabling investors, dealers, and other market participants to make better decisions to drive performance. A dramatic improvement in predictive accuracy vs. legacy solutions delivers superior portfolio construction, security selection, and risk management to portfolio managers, traders, and other mortgage market participants. Infima currently covers more than 525,000 mortgage securities backed by roughly 35 million mortgage loans and represent a total current market value of nearly $11 trillion. To learn more, visit

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