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Finding Agency MBS Opportunities in a Bear Market

Jinzhao Wang

Head of Client Solutions

In an era of rising inflation, aggressive Fed interest rate hikes, and disruptive, pandemic-era market conditions, an information edge will help you find opportunities that others using more traditional models and pool selection tools miss. Powered by deep learning technology, Infima’s mortgage analytics solution delivers unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use in predicting borrower, security, and market behavior.

Please join Jinzhao Wang, Infima’s Head of Client Solutions, for this 30-minute webinar, where she will leverage Infima’s solutions to demonstrate how to:

  • Uncover ideal pools using distributions of loan-level attributes such as FICO scores 

  • Position your firm optimally for future prepayment changes across rate scenarios 

  • Reduce risk during market volatility and prepare for a coming golden boom era for MBS

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About the Speaker

Jinzhao Wang

Head of Client Solutions

Jinzhao Wang is Infima’s Head of Client Solutions. Based in New York, her experience spans trading, strategy, and quant modeling for structured products focusing on MBS. Before joining Infima, Jinzhao traded MBS, co-managing a book of specified pools and TBAs at Mitsubishi Securities. Jinzhao previously served as an investment strategist analyzing CLOs and MBS at Amherst Pierpont Securities. Before that, she worked as a data scientist in academia and start-ups.  

Jinzhao earned an MS in Finance and Management (2016) from the European School of Management and Technology and a BA in Applied Mathematics (2014) from Harvard College.